Last updated Sept 2017

When is Blood Prince: Beautiful Monsters Vol. 4 coming out?

I haven’t written it yet, so I have no idea.



But, you must have SOME idea?

Okay, sure. I have a little bit of an idea. But not one I’m ready to disclose publicly yet. When the book is closer to being ready, you’ll know.

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What is “BeMo”?

It’s short for “Beautiful Monsters,” the name of my paranormal world and series.


What is Ashwood Red?

It’s a BeMo spinoff series featuring six books following six vampire hunters of the cadet team, Ashwood Red. Note: that series will be M/F paranormal romance.

Why the hell are you working on that and NOT a Matthew book???

Because I want to. Because it makes more sense as a business decision. (As an author, I enjoy eating.) Because the characters of Ashwood Red might be important to the Blood Prince story.

But I don’t read m/f!

That’s fine. You can skip the series. Although, if you want the full BeMo story and context, they’ll help.


How many books will Matthew have?

Somewhere between six and nine. I know his ending but not how he gets there. We’ll see.


How do you feel about fan fiction?

It’s great. Sadly, for legal reasons, I can’t read anything based off the BeMo world unless you sign a release, but I encourage people to have fun and play. My only issue is people making money off the BeMo world. (Samantha ships Tane and Stolus, btw.) So, if you do write something using my characters/setting, no selling it, k?

Same thing goes for fan art. If you’re interested in licensing to sell prints, contact me.


I noticed a grammar error, can I contact you about it?

I’d love you to tell me! But keep in mind that some “errors” are intentional and might be a style thing.

Obvious errors, like homophones, wrong character name, or a consistency issue (i.e., Matthew driving through the same state twice—yes, that one happened with Sire, whoops) I’d love to hear about. I usually get them fixed and updated within 72 hours.


Do you have other pen names besides Jex Lane?

Nope! Captive: Beautiful Monsters Vol. 1 was my debut novel.

Do you own all your rights?

I do! And I’m open to new ideas. Feel free to pitch me. Worst I can say is no.

Okay, that’s not true. If the idea is really dumb and a waste of my time, I’ll mock you while saying no. 😉


Are you looking for an agent?

Eh. Mostly no. I’m comfortable negotiating my own contracts and I have a lawyer. If you were interested in representing me, you’d need to do a hell of a job convincing me to pay you 10-15% of what I’m making. You could always email me and try. But for fuck’s sake, don’t just say “we want you” then link your website and expect me to be impressed. Tell me why you want me and what you can do for me. Jesus. (I’ve had a lot of agents pitch me and I haven’t signed with one yet.)


Why self publishing and not traditional publishing?


But traditional publishing—

No. The average tradpub advance is five grand. I make that the first hour of my release day and way more over the lifetime of the book.


Sh. Shhh. It’s okay.

I don’t—

Okay, fine. Here’s more: I’m not opposed to traditional publishing. In fact, I’d love to be hybrid one day. And, I’m open totally to a paperback distribution deal. But if tradpub wants my ebook rights, they’ll have to pay for them and, quite frankly, I don’t think they’ll offer anywhere near enough.


I’m a new/aspiring author who wants to self-publish. What should I do? Any advice?

Yep! Read S.K. Quinn’s Self-Publishing BOOT CAMP and her follow-up book, For Love or Money. She also has a blog I follow. You can find it here: http://susankayequinn.com/blog.

I also recommend Chris Fox’s Write to Market so you can get a better understanding of how self-published authors make their money.

David Gaughran has a book called, Let’s Get Digital which gives a good overview of self-publishing.

If you’re already published and need advice on how to market, Nicholas Erik has a solid list here: http://nicholaserik.com/promo-sites.


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